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A wise investor once said: "If you don't keep learning, other people will pass you by." Value Investor Insight is for investors who want both actionable investment ideas and continuously thoughtful insight on how to become more successful investors. Read As A Free Trial »
Issue Highlights: December 30, 2014
David Herro
Global superstar describes where investors err in Europe, what he likes and dislikes about emerging markets, why he asks open-ended questions, and why he sees upside in Daimler, CNH, Daiwa Securities and Credit Suisse.
Chip Rewey
Newly high-profile value hunter explains why balance sheets will increasingly matter, how he's processing cheaper oil, why volatility is here to stay, and why he thinks Weyerhaeuser, AGCO, Comerica and CBS are mispriced.
STRATEGY: Daniel Malan
Questioning today's safety-in-quality mantra to focus on global stocks that are "completely overcooked on the downside."
Apache, BNP Paribas, BP, Canfor, CGG, Devon Energy, Diageo, Encana, Gazprom, General Motors, Henderson Land, Intel, Intesa Sanpaolo, Lloyds, Melco Crown Entertainment, Orica, Petrobras, Richemont, Sberbank, Swatch, Total, Valmont Industries, Wheelock
Why too few investors have the data or the discipline to truly improve their skills, and what to do about it.
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