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Insight written by and for professional and sophisticated investors. Co-Editor Whitney Tilson for more than seven years has successfully managed a number of value-oriented hedge funds to market-beating returns.
Profit-making opportunities regardless of the overall investment climate. There’s always money to be made somewhere, and Value Investor Insight roots out the best ideas wherever they exist: equity or fixed income, common stock or options, domestic or international, long or short, and more.
Strategies of the best professional money managers. Value Investor Insight features in-depth interviews and ideas only from the world’s most accomplished investors – some famous, other decidedly low-profile.
Cutting through ever-increasing market and media “noise”. The barrage of so-called investing information often leaves investors more confused than enlightened. Value Investor Insight cuts through the “noise,” presenting fully-analyzed investment ideas clearly and concisely.
Uncovering value the markets are missing. Herd behavior, imperfect information and plain-old investor irrationality create inefficiencies across markets, among asset classes, and over time. Value Investor Insight helps identify these inefficiencies and tells you how to profit from them.
In addition, during your free trial you will receive VII Bonus Content delivered regularly by e-mail, with timely and provocative news commentary, meeting transcripts, investor letters, special reports, reviews and other information that can inform profitable investment decisions.
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Value Investor Insight has exactly the fresh, thoughtful voice on investing that I've been looking for. Sign me up!
» Joel Greenblatt,
Founder, Gotham Capital
This is a very substantial and valuable new publication. I heartily recommend it.
» Christopher Davis,
Davis Advisors
Successful investors ask great questions, and so does Value Investor Insight. I look forward to reading every issue.
» John Spears
Managing Director,
Tweedy, Browne
Investors looking for a competitive advantage should subscribe to Value Investor Insight. It's a timely, useful and valuable read.
» Bill Miller,
CEO, Legg Mason Funds

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