February 28, 2018

Inside This Issue

Through the Haze

Michael McCarthy, Harry Shapiro, Louis Shapiro, Sam Shapiro, Shapiro Capital Management

Sam Shapiro, Michael McCarthy, Louis Shapiro and Harry Shapiro of Shapiro Capital describe their “Willie Sutton” approach to targeting ideas, the extra insight they look for from portfolio-company management, what their Plan B is if a stock isn’t working, and why they see unrecognized value in Axalta, FireEye, Lions Gate Entertainment and Caesars.

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Flight to Quality

Jake Rosser, Coho Capital Management

Jake Rosser of Coho Capital Management explains why five years after starting his firm he made a strategy pivot, the common trait he sees in Facebook and a Mexican convenience-store operator, which market darling he could just no longer justify holding, and why he sees mispriced value in Yum China, American International Group and Despegar.com.

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Uncovering Risk: Invacare

Why this turnaround story could end up having a less-than-happy ending for shareholders.
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Uncovering Value: Darling

Obscure and unglamorous businesses can excite investors. Should that be the case here?
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Editor's Letter

A legendary investor puts the active versus passive debate in thoughtful historical context.
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Who's Behind VII?

John Heins, Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief
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John Heins co-founded Value Investor Media, Inc. in 2004 and since then has served as its President and as the Editor-in-Chief of Value Investor Insight. In 2016, he took on an additional role as the C.T. Fitzpatrick Professor of Value Investing at the University of Alabama.