December 30, 2020

Inside This Issue

Déjà Vu?

Ric Dillon, VELA Investment Management

VELA Investment Management's Ric Dillon, Jason Downey, Jenny Hubbard, Bobby Murphy, Kyle Schneider and Bob Sharpe describe why now is a great time to launch a value-focused firm, the neglected sectors they're finding of interest, their favorite Covid-related shorts, and why they see upside in AbbVie, Ashland, Kirby, Washington Trust and DS Smith.

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In Touch

Candace Weir, Amelia Weir, Paradigm Capital Management

Candace and Amelia Weir of Paradigm Capital Management explain the non-negotiable aspect of each of their investments, how they prospect for the “overlooked and underappreciated,” why they haven't done much trading in a volatile year, and why they think Genmark Diagnostics, Omnicell, Brooks Automation and Veeco Instruments offer upside value.

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Strategy: Chuck Akre

Passing on his life's experience – as well as the reins of his namesake firm – to the next generation.
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Uncovering Value: Intercontinental Exchange

An option to consider if investors' lack of concern about inflation turns out to be wrong.
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Uncovering Value: Aéroports de Paris

A down-to-earth opportunity if the long-term prospects for global air travel remain intact.
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Who's Behind VII?

John Heins, Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief
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John Heins co-founded Value Investor Media, Inc. in 2004 and since then has served as its President and as the Editor-in-Chief of Value Investor Insight. In 2016 he took on an additional role as a Professor of Value Investing at the University of Alabama and is now the Director of the university's C.T. and Kelley Fitzpatrick Center for Value Investing.