February 28, 2022

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Owner Mentality

Simon Denison-Smith, Jonathan Mills, Metropolis Capital

Simon Denison-Smith and Jonathan Mills of the U.K.'s Metropolis Capital describe the situations they find most conducive to market mispricing, why they gravitate to investing in larger companies, why their partnership has endured as long as it has, and why they see unappreciated value today in Hargreaves Lansdown, Andritz, Progressive and Gruma.

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What’s Old is New

Robert Robotti, Robotti & Co.

Robert Robotti of Robotti & Co. explains why he believes the fundamental strength of many old-economy businesses has structurally improved, why the recovery in the U.S. housing market still has a long way to run, where he's finding head-shakingly low valuations, and why he sees particular upside in Westlake, Subsea 7, Interfor and West Fraser Timber.

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Uncovering Value: Lumen Technologies

We love ideas with secular tailwinds and unique competitive advantages. This isn’t one of those.
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Uncovering Value: F45 Training

The case for a pandemic recovery play returning to substantially better than just "normal."
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Of Sound Mind

What does it mean to have the right investing temperament and why is it so vitally important?
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Who's Behind VII?

John Heins, Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief
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John Heins co-founded Value Investor Media, Inc. in 2004 and since then has served as its President and as the Editor-in-Chief of Value Investor Insight. In 2016 he took on an additional role as a Professor of Value Investing at the University of Alabama and is now the Director of the university's C.T. and Kelley Fitzpatrick Center for Value Investing.