December 30, 2023

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Delivering Value

Tim Hartch, Memphre Investments

Tim Hartch and Peter Gao of Memphre Investments describe the core beliefs informing their new firm’s strategy, why they believe as Charlie Munger did that ethical businesses make for better investments, what particular big-picture challenge they want to be prepared for, and why they see unrecognized value today in Onex, WEX and Accesso Technology.

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Finding Your Niche

William Heaphy, Matthew Fleming, William Blair Investment Management

William Blair Investment Management’s William Heaphy and Matthew Fleming explain how their strategy is built to win in both up and down markets, why their portfolio companies are often attractive takeover targets, how they battle investment-thesis “creep,” and what they think the market seems to be missing today in Hillenbrand, Carter’s and Perficient.

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Through a Different Lens

Daniel Roller, Maran Capital Management

Daniel Roller of Maran Capital Management describes the special situations that typically attract his attention, why he sets a high return hurdle rate for all potential investments, how he tries to balance ego with humility in sizing positions, and why he's currently high on the investment prospects for Clarus, Vistry Group and Correios De Portugal.

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Uncovering Value: TreeHouse Foods

Having veered off course, is the company finally back on the path to shareholder prosperity?
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Editor's Letter

Coming to terms with the frequently vexing subject of selling.
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Who's Behind VII?

John Heins, Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief
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John Heins co-founded Value Investor Media, Inc. in 2004 and since then has served as its President and as the Editor-in-Chief of Value Investor Insight. In 2016 he took on an additional role as a Professor of Value Investing at the University of Alabama and is now the Director of the university's C.T. and Kelley Fitzpatrick Center for Value Investing.