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What's in the Latest Issue?

Sticking close to home in search of hold-forever compounders such as RWS Holdings, RM Plc, Rollins and Games Workshop. 

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Looking where others aren't for unappreciated value like that today in Hoteles City Express, Glenveagh, Pinfra and TBC Bank.

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Are problems around Boeing's 737 MAX making this stock cheaper than it should be? 

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When growth investors head for the exits, value investors often come in to have a look around.

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On the challenges involved in abandoning long-held beliefs; "Nobody likes a know-it-all."

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Investment Highlights
Games Workshop, Glenveagh Properties, Hoteles City Express, Pinfra, RM Plc, Rollins, RWS Holdings, Safran, TBC Bank, Zagg
Other Companies in this Issue:
Berkshire Hathaway, Cairn Homes, Diageo, Dignity, Direcional Engenharia, Experian, Georgia Capital, Microsoft, Navigator Holdings, Provident Financial, Rotork, Swick Mining